Kids Fox enamel mug with your name 400ml/13.5oz

Kids Fox enamel mug with your name 400ml/13.5oz

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Kids Fox enamel mug with your name

Height: 8,2cm / 3.22inch
Diameter: 9cm / 3.54inch
Volume: 400ml / 13.5oz

Enammo enamel mug is especially made for people who love to hike.
That’s why it is totally safe for campfire and gas stove.
Mug is induction cooker safe.
You can also use it in oven for warming cup of tea aswell as put it in freezer to cold an ice cream.
Mug is safe for washing in dishwasher and you do not have to worry that design will fade or come off.
Mug CAN NOT be used in microvawes as it is made from metal covered with enamel.

Enamel mug is durable, but it can be damaged against a hard surface that may result in having scratches.
Mug has a hole in the handle because it hangs in the oven and there might be some small enamel chipping near that.

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Skaista krūzīte, laba kvalitāte

Lieliska kvalitāte - uzdruka ir burvīga, pati krūzīte bez jebkādiem defektiem; šķiet, krūzītei ir pabieza apakša, kas varētu nozīmēt, ka ilgāk tur siltumu; vēl gan neesmu izmēģinājusi, jo krūzīte paredzēta kā dāvana. Komunikācija ar pārdevēju, kā arī piegāde ļoti ātra un patīkama.

bērnu emaljas krūze

Krūzīti šodien saņēmām un malais " klients" ļoti priecīgs, krāsu salikums ideāls :)