About Enammo

We are Latvian company that specializes in making custom design enamel tableware.

Enammo enamel tableware is made in Latvia and they are completely made by hand, so every one of them have their own personality and character. All products are premium quality and are suitable for campfire.

No matter if you want to get only one mug as a gift for your friend or want to develop your brand with something new, you have came to the right place.


               For the white tableware we can do full color logos and photography aswell as just simple prints in one or two colors.

You can order them starting with one unit.

For other tableware only 1-3 color designs available and there is a minimum order of 24units.

Designs can be printed on any place of product (side, bottom, inside or handle) except black rim.


          Enammo tableware designs are printed with special colors and then placed in very hot oven for lifetime durability since design is melted into enamel itself.

Designs are NOT vinyl, engraved or sublimation.

Enammo tableware are safe for washing in dishwasher and you do not have to worry that design will fade or come off.

Products are safe to use on campfire.

They are durable, but can be damaged against a hard surface that may result in having scratches which may result in rusting.

Products CAN NOT be used in microvawes as they are made of metal covered with enamel.

We can make tableware for cafe, business, events, gifts and others. Price depends on size of design and how many pieces you want to order.

We are open for collaboration and can offer you a price for wholesale, store or brand.


You can check tableware we have already made for clients here


Download template in .pdf to customize your tableware on your pc.

Write us to hello@enammo.com, attach a template file with your design or logo and leave a note which product and how many are you interested into.

We will provide you a price quote afterwards.

Keep in mind that we can not use design which is copyright protected without the creators permission.

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