Can i order custom product?

    Yes! There are no limits as you can order any custom product starting from one unit aswell as for wholesale. We can also customize every place on products.

    For more information about our possibilities, visit our CUSTOMIZATION page.

    Can i drink or eat from enamel tableware?

      Yes, sure! They are totally safe for your health as there are no chemical used in making them. And actually, theres no better taste than drinking hot tea from enamelware.

        Are they dishwasher safe?

          Yes, they are completely safe. You can wash your enamel tableware with no worries that design can come off.

            Can i put them into microwaves?

              Forget about it! Enamel tableware are made of special steel which may blow up in microwaves. It is TOTALLY forbidden.

                Are they safe for campfire?

                  Yes! Our products are safe to use on campfire.
                  So will be your hot drink and if you decide to go on a trip in winter time, no worries, your hands will be warm and thankful.

                      My product has some dots and imperfections. Why?

                        Every enamel tableware is completely made by hands. Small dots, shades, etc. are normal. Actually, it makes your product totally unique and no other will be the same. Every product has it’s own personality and character. So are you.

                          Is Enammo durable?

                            Enammo products are very durable as they are made from steel, but enamel coating can be damaged if it hits a hard surface. That's no problem, you can still use your product. Just be sure theres no rust inside if enamel has chipped off from inside of mug.

                              How to wash my enamel product?

                                The same as you wash every other mug or dish. In case there are some stains you can not wash off easily, use a bit of baking soda. It will clear your product completely.

                                Is international shipping available?

                                  Sure thing! No matter where you live, your tableware will reach you. Check out our SHIPPING page. If your country is not in the list, feel free to write as and we will give you a shipping quote.