Enamel Mugs - Enamel Mug 250ml/8.45o.z.
Custom Enamel mug 250ml/8.45o.z.
Color - White
Regular price €13.80 EUR
Enamel Mugs - Enamel Mug 400ml/13.5oz
Custom Enamel mug 400ml/13.5oz
Color - White
Regular price €14.50 EUR
Enamel Bowl - Enamel Bowl 600ml/20.28oz
Custom Enamel bowl 600ml/20.28oz
Color - White
Regular price €14.50 EUR

Prices above are for one custom product with design on one side. Please contact us before ordering. If you want more than one custom product, we will give you a price quote. The more you order, the lower the price will be. If you don't have illustrator or photoshop skills, don't worry, just let us know you want your custom enamelware.


Enammo enamelware designs are printed with special colors and then placed in very hot oven for lifetime durability since design is melted into enamel itself. It is the highest quality available for custom enamelware

Our mugs are great quality without any dents on them. The rim may have a little white spots but that is a nice detail which makes each mug unique. Rim is smooth and you don't have to worry that your lips would get hurt Every mug has a hole in the handle. This is because they hang in a very hot kiln for a while when enamel gets a bit melted. This is the only safe place to hang them
They have a handle which is very comfortable to hold. It is narrow with a smooth finish  You can also have a small accent for it in variety of colours 

400ml/13.5oz mugs have a corbel at the bottom. This is perfect place for a logo. All other products have a flat bottom


We can make custom enamelware starting from one unit either customizing products available at our shop or your design. You can be completely sure no one has the same enamelware as you


For white enamelware we can do full color logos and photography aswell as just simple prints in one or two colors. 
For color enamelware either black or white prints and for dark enamelware only white prints available


Designs can be printed on any place of product - side, bottom, inside or handle, except black rim



They are durable, but can be damaged against a hard surface that may result in having scratches or enamel chipping which can then start to rust.

Products CAN NOT be used in microvawes as they are made of metal covered with enamel.

They are safe for washing in dishwasher and you do not have to worry that design will fade or come off.

Products are safe to use on campfire


We can make tableware for cafe, business, events, gifts and others..

We are open for collaboration and can offer you a price for wholesale, store or brand


To help, we have made an article for you to understand more about enamelware printing methods and help to choose the best one.

Check it out on our BLOG page.



When ordering, who knows the best which design goes where and how big you want it? That's why we have made 100% accurate template files in .pdf which you can download and customize yourself.

Write us to, attach a template file with your design or logo and leave a note how many products are you interested to.

If you don't have illustrator or photoshop skills, don't worry, just let us know you want your custom enamelware.

We accept all picture formats, but the best would be .pdf, .ai and .png files..

250ml / 8.45oz mugs
400ml / 13.5oz mugs
600ml / 20.28oz bowls
1000ml / 33.8oz mugs



We also have cardboard mug boxes specifically made for our 250ml and 400ml mugs. If you are interested in these, there are 4 options to choose :

Boxes with our branding in latvian or english languages

Plain boxes without any prints

Boxes with your custom design in 1 colour

Boxes with your design with a full colour sticker.

Here is the TEMPLATE file for cardboard boxes.

Minimum order for custom boxes is 96 units. Brown craft tissue paper also available.

CONTACT US for pricing or other details.


Waiting for your awesome designs and in hope to have a great collaboration!